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Brazil Keratin Hair Treatment

What is a keratin hair treatment? It is a revolutionary process that softens, shines, straightens and makes the hair healthy. It penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are smooth, silky and straight hair.It is not a chemical that restructures the hair.It is a replenshing treatment that reconditions and protects the hair from water and heat damage while enhancing it's natural shine.

The Brazilian hair treatment is excellent on all types of chemically treated hair (bleached, hi-lights, colored, permed, relaxed or previously straightened. It is excellent for getting rid of curly, frizzy, damaged, unhealthy, dull, mistreated hair.

The Brazilian treatment is made up of "Keratin" a liquid form of hair. There are no harsh chemicals. The Brazilian treatment can be used on children (6 years and older), teens and adults (men and women).

The Brazilian treatment DOES NOT use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it. It only coats the hair. It does not break the bonds of the hair shaft like straightners do. Keratin is a natural substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair.

Brazilian treatment is not permanent. It naturally fades out of the hair. The wave or curl will gradually come back in about 2 - 3 months. The hair will stay soft, shiny and healthy looking. The more you do the treatment the better condition the hair becomes. The treatment also makes the hair very manageable. It will require less blow drying time and results will be very good with a flat iron.

Watch the step by step instructional demonstration video below.


Royal Keratin Conditioning and Straightening Treatment Demonstration by Donna Oz            

To help with ventilation during the treatment process we also suggest that you purchase a keratin treatment ventilation system





Royal Keratin Brazilian Treatment

By Royal Keratin Treatment®


Gently shampoo hair with a *clarifying shampoo
-Lather – leave on hair for 2 minutes. Rinse very well (especially the ends of long hair)


- Towel dry hair well to remove excess water. Leave hair damp.


Gloves should be worn during the application process. You are now ready to apply the Keratin treatment.
- Shake Royal Keratin bottle and start with 1 ounce of RK solution in a bowl. Add more if needed.
- Using a tint brush, begin applying the solution 1/2” from scalp to ends.
- Comb hair thoroughly, roots to ends, insuring that the solution is evenly distributed.
- You may spritz slightly with water to help distribute product evenly through the section.
- Do not over saturate. Hair should be covered with treatment -but not dripping off the hair or head. - Repeat this process until the entire head is complete. DO NOT RINSE OUT TREATMENT.
- Wait 10 to 15 minutes before the next step.(OPTIONAL).

STEP 4: DRYING- (Fans should be used to circulate air during drying and sealing process)

Using HIGH HEAT SETTING, start blow drying treatment into the hair using a gloved hand, paddle brush or round brush until hair is completely dry. Hair does not have to be blown super straight (optional choice) on this step 4.
IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing burn-off (steam), move the dryer further from hair, or reduce the heat setting on the dryer. Hair must be 100% dry before moving onto the next step.

STEP 5: SEALING-IN TREATMENT (Fans help keep steam away from clients and stylist face)

VERY IMPORTANT: Select appropriate flat iron temperature below:
450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius) for normal hair.
430 degrees Fahrenheit (221 degrees Celsius) for fine hair.
350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit (177 – 204 Celsius) for ethnic virgin hair, fragile relaxed, or over-bleached hair

  • Starting at the nape of the neck (we recommend a heat resistant *EasyComb) part hair into 1/8 to 1/2 inch sections.
  • Using a *Nano Titanium Flat Iron, move the iron slowly from scalp to ends, assuring that the ends are smooth and straight.
  • Go over each section 4 – 6 times sealing keratin into the cuticle you will see the burn off (when sealing the hair) use fans.
  • Processed section should be looking sleek and silky at this point.
  • Repeat this method with all sections of the hair until hair is silky and shiny
  • Use the flat iron to style hair for height and shape in the direction desired.

When working with fine, ethnic virgin hair, fragile relaxed or over-bleached hair, lower the heat and only go over each section 4 - 6 times.


  • Do not wash hair for 1 – 2 days. (24 hours for Traditional Treatment, 48 hours for Royal Treatment)
  • Avoid getting moisture in the hair after treatment and before shampooing. If hair gets wet, blow dry and go over hair with the flat iron. (moisture in the hair before shampooing effects the longevity of BKT)


  • Wash hair only with *Sodium Chloride-free Shampoo
  • Sleeping/Using a satin pillow case at bedtime will keep hair silky and shiny longer.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The following items will break down the bond of the Keratin if applied AFTER the treatment has been done.

  • Sodium Hydroxide and Thio based Relaxers – Recommended on re-growth only, if client has Keratin treatment in their hair.
  • Bleach – Recommend doing whole-head highlights prior to treatment.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Use on re-growth only.
  • Ammonia – Use ammonia-free on Keratin treated hair
  • Sodium Chloride – Use *sodium chloride-free shampoo

On SENSITIVE SCALPS, chemical services such as colors, relaxers, highlights, etc. should be completed 24 to 48 hours prior to applying Keratin treatment.
Please note (OPTIONAL) on resistant virgin hair or very resistant curly hair a mild relaxing treatment or a re-texturizer (Rusk Anti-Curl,Iso Manetamer etc.) may be needed prior to application of Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This will help achieve a better straightening effect.

  • This is to open the cuticle of the hair.
  • This will prevent the curl from coming back so quickly on those hair types.

You can also choose to use the stronger version of our treatment called Traditional Royal Keratin Treatment .Any color, highlights, or relaxer services CAN be done on the day or days BEFORE you do the treatment- also chemical services must done BEFORE you start treatment.

  • Do not mix anything with treatment solution.
  • Treatment should be applied in a well ventilated area.
  • Fans are recommended for air circulation.